Schedule a Game

For this Quarterly, we are managing scheduled games through google calendar.   After receiving scheduling access to the calendar, you will be able to add events directly to the calendar.

Please create events using the following guidelines:

  • General
    • After adding the game event to the calendar, inform das_ninja if you would like an additional sign-up event created on the TGA meetup page
    • Reference the Event Map for table numbers
    • Party/loud games should be scheduled for tables in the Commons room only
    • Schedule games on June 11th only, any events outside of that day will be ignored
    • Round your time block off to the nearest half hour
      • example: The game is expected to run for 75 minutes, the event on the calendar should be scheduled for 90 minutes/1.5 hours
  • google calendar Event Entry Fields
    • Event Title: Table X – [name of game + additional title text]
      • examples:
        • Table 5 – Jack’s Agricola (will teach beginners)
        • Table 9 – Eclipse with all expansions (experienced players)
        • Table 6 – das_ninja’s Sheriff of Nottingham (1 of 2)
        • Table 6 – das_ninja’s Sheriff of Nottingham (2 of 2)
        • Table 15 – Euphoria [2/6 spots remaining]
        • Table 22 – Manhattan Project [no spots remaining]
    • Calendar: TGA Scheduled Games
    • Description (optional): [additional details, related links for the scheduled game, number of spots available, link to sign-up event on TGA meetup page]
    • Attachment (optional): [attach any reference documents or files that players may find useful]
    • Visibility: Calendar default


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